I was born in Vancouver, Canada, in 1971. As my mother was French and my father Italian, I developed an early passion for traveling. That passion later turned into a vital urge, and it the way it came out for me was through the photographic medium, which has always been with me.

I spent my teenage years in Paris, and then chose to train as a photographer in Montreal, Canada, where I spent eight years studying and working. It was thereafter in Mexico that I finally developed my work as a professional photographer, over three years working independently.

I now live in Berlin, where I wish to develop the scope of my experience as well as that of my photographic eye.

In the course of my explorations, which are for me as pictorial as they are geographical, I essentially look to the rapports of man to his environment. From places and faces, I like to create series of pictures that illustrate the question of the frontier that lies between reality and fiction.

Moreover, presenting pictures in series makes it possible for me to expand on the signification that my own eye grants the pictures, and to multiply the viewer’s reading options. From black and white photography to colors, my approach is characterized by an exploration of the line that separates my inner life from the vision to which the world outside lends itself.

I try most of all to break away from any notion of exoticism, and to question my personal intuitions with the perception I have of the outside.