Book project »Closer«, Germany, Berlin
A journey in Thailand focusing on communities, portraying a way of living
Album of 10 series (including Bangkog 1/2, Habana 1, In between, In the
Dark, Mi primo, Nan, Nomads no more, Paradise 1, Tarahumaras) Germany, Berlin

»Bangkok: A New Travel Icon« Vuelo Mexicana, Mexico
»Cuba: El sueno de Hernest Hemingway« Vuelo Mexicana, Mexico
»El Sazón Chilango/Galerias de Galerias« Chilango 42, Mexico
»Street wear: Tendencia de la moda« Chilango 35–38, Mexico
»Sonora Zen« Vacaciones, Mexico
»Shopping en Paris« Life & Style, Mexico
»25 razones para entrale a Guanajuato« Loop, Mexico

»Portafolio Sicilia: La textura de la memoria« Vuelo Mexicana, Mexico
Scenes from the streets of Palermo, Sicily 1997–2002, using a pinhole camera
»Moda Spanish Girl: El mestizaje está in« Marie Claire, Mexico
»La Feria internacional de Málaga« Marie Claire, Mexico, Opening report
»Pepenadores de Neza«, Documentary on the activities and living conditions of the Pepenadores, in Mexico
»Quartier Tepito«, Nightly photographies, street scenes, Mexico City
»En tierra Tarahumara«, Series of portraits of the Tarahumaras, Creel, Mexico
»Puces de St-Ouen«, Portraits and scenes, St-Ouen flee-market, Paris, France. Sold to Life & Style

»Dias de los Muertos«, Documentary in the Morelia cemetary, Mexico

Action Week Against Racism, Montreal, Canada, Official photographer, portraits, conferences, events, concerts for »Images interculturelles,« an association for the defense of Human Rights

Portrait of Maryse Alcindor, Protégez-Vous, Montreal, Canada,
Vice-president of the Office de Protection du Consommateur (Bureau of Consumer Protection)

»In the Neighborhood«, Scenes from the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jeunes entrepreneurs français à Montréal, L’Entreprise, Montreal, Canada
»Young French Entrepreneurs in Montreal« – Collaborative work

Photographs of personalities of the art world, Place Publique, Montreal, Canada

»Carnets de Voyages« (Travel Diary)
Portraits and landscapes, India and Nepal

Cinema – On-set photographer

Ausgerechnet Lulu, TV-Fiction, Germany
dir. Kai Wessel, Prod. teamworx for ZDF
Rottmann, TV-Fiction, Germany
dir. Mark Schlichter, prod. U5 for ZDF
Tod einer Schülerin, TV-Fiction, Germany
dir. Mark Schlichter, prod. teamworx for ZDF
Jetzt sind wir dran, TV-Fiction, Germany
dir. Heiko Schlier, prod. teamworx for SAT 1

Frühlings Erwachen, TV-Fiction, Germany
dir. Nuran David Calis, prod. teamworx for ZDF-Theaterkanal

Über den Tod hinaus, Berlin, Germany
dir. Andreas Senn, Hager Moss Filmproduction, ZDF TV-Movie
The Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany
Short film by Paul Cotter, prod. Kaminski Stiehm Film GmbH
Tatort Lena O., Baden Baden, Germany
dir. Andreas Senn, HA Film, making photos to be used as props

Cochochi Creel, Mexico
dir. Israel Cárdenas et Laura Guzmán, prod. Canana

Ma vie est un Film, Mexico City, Mexico
Short film by Matías Meyer, prod. Hatuey Viveros

Castings, fashion, stage

Concerts, dance and theater

Lettera A., Tanz-Solo von Britta Pudelko Berlin, Germany
Poster, graphic design, and photos; creating and projecting pictures for the show
Shoot Me, Tanz-Solo von Catherine Jodoin Berlin, Germany
Photos and communication
Vuelo Sobre el Océano, by Bertold Brecht, Serguei Eisenstein School Mexico City, Mexico
Photos and communication
Les Bobines Du Quai, a French music band Paris, France
Photos from the tour (Paris, New York, Montreal); CD-sleeve design
Le Concile d’amour, by B. Lavigne, La Courtille Theater Company Paris, France
Photos and communication

Portraits of artists, actors, musicians, singers, fashion shows, Mexico
Clothing catalogue for the designer Roberta, Mexico
Castings and fashion, Montreal, Canada